Brew-Control started with a belief that most homebrewers do not want a total solution for their brewery. They want to spend what their budget can afford and then grow later. So, instead of going ‘all out’ on a $2,000+ system, most decide to use an electric controller for better mash control or they decide to replace their expensive propane fired brew pot with an electric brew pot. We help you succeed by providing maximum value for your money!


We continue this philosophy today as we expand into more complex controllers. For example, we don’t believe in stuffing expensive options into a controller just to prop-up the selling price. And because of this philosophy, even our most expensive home brewery controller costs less than $1,000 USD without compromising safety.


All of our controllers are tested behind a GFCI breaker.

All of our controllers are tested at full power.

Because we understand the danger associated with installing SSRs (Solid State Relays) in plastic housings, we always build our controllers in aluminum housings.