100 Amp Boil / Still Controller

Coming Soon

You can follow the build progress of the first one below.

Feb 26th, 2020 – We completed the back panel layout. This is the panel that mounts inside the control panel enclosure. We were careful to make all of the components serviceable from the front side. This means that if a contactor (relay) or the 12V power supply fails you can remove a few fasteners and swap the part out.

Power will come in at the bottom left, then will run to each of the 30 Amp rated Contactors. The top, right of each contactor will run to its respective outlet and the top, left of each contactor will run to its respective SSR (Solid State Relay).

The 12 VDC power supply at the lower right will supply power to the digital thermometer, heatsink cooling fan and the PWM controller that will be used to set how much the heating elements are turned on.

Back Panel

Feb 24th, 2020 – We located and punched the remaining holes in the housing over this weekend. The rectangular hole is for a digital thermometer that will be used to monitor your pot temperature as it’s coming up to a boil.

All Holes Punched – Ready for assembly.

Feb 17th, 2020 – We punched all of the round holes in the lid and completed the heatsink assembly.

Heatsink Assembly outside with thermostatically controlled boost fan
Heatsink Assembly inside, showing four 40 Amp rated SSRs and fan thermostat
Front panel with holes punched

Feb 10th, 2020 – The heatsink will be mounted on the side of the housing to maximize convection cooling. The controller will also have a thermostat controlled boost fan.

Initial heatsink placement

We started the initial inner panel layout. This isn’t the final version but it’s close. The bottom, left 120V contactor is just there to measure spacing. The item to the bottom right is a replaceable 12 VDC power supply that will run the PWM controller. We haven’t decided if we will use this power supply style or one of the newer sealed units.

Initial inner panel layout

Feb 9th, 2020 – We started the initial front panel layout. Locations aren’t set yet but it’s a start. Check back often – we will add more as we complete the design of this controller.

In Early February 2020 – We were asked by a customer to quote a 100 Amp Boil / Still Panel. It did not take long to decide to add a few features anyone would want, and then offer this same 100 Amp panel to others. We don’t know the final retail price yet but we are tracking our cost as we complete the design. Best revised (2/17/2020) guess – Under $1,400.

Our new 240V 100 Amp Boil / Still Controllers will Feature

  • Built in a Industrial Rated UL Listed Control Panel Enclosure.
  • The right size for up to 4 Barrels or 124 Gallons (US).
  • A HUGE 5-1/2″ X 8″ side mounted heat sink with a temperature controlled cooling fan.
  • Four L6-30 twist lock outlets to support four – up to – 6000 Watt water heater style or other heating elements.
    Note: Four 5500 Watt Elements are more than sufficient for a 4 Barrel system and are more available than four 6000 Watt elements.
  • A separate SSR and full Contactor (relay) for each heating element.
  • A separate power switch and status light for each element.
  • A master red panic button that also serves as the main on/off switch.
  • A main power status light
  • A 3 wire system – L1, L2 and Ground only – no neutral, this is a full 240V system.
  • Designed to be direct wired with conduit, Romex or UF wire.
  • Uses PWM to control your rate of boil.
  • A integral digital thermometer with sensor mounted in a 1/2″ MPT thermowell and 9 ft nylon covered sensor cable to monitor your boil pot temperature.

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