About Us

Brew-Control started with a belief that most homebrewers don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a total solution for their home brewery. Instead, most homebrewers want….

  • To add a RIMS tube to their GOTT cooler mash tun for better mash control
  • Or they want to replace their expensive to run propane fired brew pot with an electric brew pot
  • Or they want to brew indoors or in the garage when it’s too hot, too cold or raining
  • Or they do want to go all electric but like the rest of the real world, they only have so much money to spend every month

And the good news is – we can help!

Our founder, Tom Hargrave, has been brewing beer for long enough to know! He’s been brewing beer on and off since 1977 and his goal has always been to learn and to improve. The controllers we designed, manufacture and sell through Amazon.com are designed to help support your brewing process without breaking the bank. And you can add modules as you grow, eventually building up to a full home brewery center for less monthly cost.

When we started there were two basic types of electric brewery controllers on the market. The first was what we call a mega-controller, the expensive break-the-bank controllers only your rich cousin Vinny can afford. These home brewery control panels do pretty much everything but carbonate, age and pour your beer at a starting price of about $2300. And the price goes up from there – up to almost $4000 for some top of the line models!

The second was a processor run controller that ran your brew session through the designer’s brew session. We always thought that this design approach was a little extreme. After all, his brewing process can’t be exactly how you brew beer! And what if you want to change things up?

We are continuously redesigning and improving. One trend we noticed recently are small controllers in plastic housings. We know why they build these – plastic is cheap and plastic easy to cut and drill. But there’s a lot of power running through your controller and plastic melts and burns! And one thing we won’t compromise is safety. We started manufacturing our controllers in all fireproof aluminum housings and we still use 100% aluminum housings for all of today’s controllers.

We believed and still believe that targeted solutions for your electric home brewery are the best solutions.

Do you want to continue to use gas for your boil but also want to have better control your mash process?

Or maybe you just want to add a RIMS tube to your GOTT cooler mash tun? Then we have you covered with 120V and 220/240V versions of our Electric Mash Tun / RIMS (Recirculating Infusion Mash System) Tube Controllers.

Or do you want to convert your boil from expensive propane to electric? Then we have you covered there too with 120V and 220/240V versions of our Electric Brew Pot / Electric Still Controllers.

Or do you want a full electric BIAB (Brew In A Bag) system controller? We have those too.

Or a HERMS (Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System) Controller? We have those too.

Or a full Electric Home Brewery Controller that will manage sparge water, mash and boil? We have those too.

We also manufacture RIMS Tubes and Heating Element kits. Several customers have asked why we don’t sell MARCH pumps? The answer is simple – a lot of quality vendors already sell MARCH pumps on Amazon and on other market places at a very good price. But we do sell beer line, CO2 line and Beer Faucet Protectors because we have been able to purchase these parts in volume at a good price and can pass the cost savings on to you.

Where can I find your controllers and other items? You can find all of our items On Amazon.com, the worlds greatest market place!

Can I stop by your shop and buy a controller? Unfortunately, no. We learned a long time ago that you can’t support two masters, so when we got serious about manufacturing we turned off all direct sales and started listing on Amazon.com.

But you can contact Tom Hargrave and set up an appointment to see what we do and how we build our controllers. His email address is thargrav@live.com.

Or complete this form and someone will respond as soon as possible – depending on the time of year it may take a day or two…..