Beer Tower Coolers

Beer Tower Cooler

A Beer Tower Cooler is a simple device. Its a low powered fan that sits inside your kegerator with it’s hose stuffed inside your beer tower.

But why buy one? Because beer instantly turns into beer foam as soon as you try to pour it through a warm beer faucet. A Beer Tower Cooler’s job is to help prevent pouring beer glasses full of beer foam by continuously blowing a small amount of cold air into your beer tower to keep your beer faucet and beer shank cold. And our Beer Tower Coolers work very well. They should, we’ve been manufacturing Beer Tower Coolers for more than 10 years.

Tower Cooler Variants

We manufacture two versions of our Beer Tower Cooler, our standard model and our high flow model. The high flow version blows more air into your beer tower at the expense of a little noise, but you shouldn’t hear yours running with your kegerator door closed if you install it correctly. In addition to standard and high flow, we offer versions packaged with a set of Beer Faucet Plugs and Tower Coolers with 11 foot extended power cords so you can plug your Beer Tower Cooler into your wall outlet without an extra extension cord.

Our Standard 5.5 Foot Power Cord Beer Tower Coolers

Tower Cooler With Faucet Caps High Flow High Flow -W- Caps

Our 11 Ft Power Cord Beer Tower Coolers

These models include an additional 12 Volt 6.5 foot extension cable that goes between your Tower Cooler and its wall plug power supply.

Tower Cooler With Faucet Caps High Flow High Flow -W- Caps