Expansion Modules

Home Brewery Expansion Modules



Our expansion modules are designed to be run by our HERMS controller or (soon to be announced) full brewery controller. The module is connected to the parent controller with a 4 wire DIN cable and the connector is 4 pin to prevent plugging the sensor into the same socket.

Up to 4 expansion modules can be daisy chained together!



Once the expansion module is plugged in it’s function is set by a three position rotary switch.

 HLT If plugged into our full brewery controller, the expansion module heating element cycles with the HLT element.
 MASH The expansion module heating element cycles with the controller’s mash element.
 BOIL The expansion module heating element cycles with the controller’s boil element.

Our Electric Mash Tun / RIMS controllers feature:

A compact all aluminum housing with 4 mounting holes and large heat sink to dissipate excess heat. We never, ever use unsafe plastic housings for our brewery controller products.
A twist right to turn on / press to turn off main power button that also serves as an emergency off switch.
A status light that cycles on / off with the expansion module heating element.
Includes a 10 Gauge SJOOW 12 foot power cord with a 3 prong dryer style power plug.
Also feature a 30 Amp L6-30r twist lock receptacle designed for a L6-30p twist lock plug used by most 240V home brew boil pots, mash tuns and RIMS tubes.
All of our controllers are tested with GFCI and are GFCI compatible.
The safety ground wire that runs from the outlet all the way to the plug is also bonded to the aluminum housing for safety.
Includes one expansion cable, used to connect your expansion module to your main controller or another expansion module if you are using more than one.
All of our controllers are 100% manufactured in the USA with a mix of US, Chinese and Canadian components.