Kegerator Controller

Every freezer temperature override controller you’ve ever seen for sale has some sort of cable you pass through the door gasket. And the problem with that cable is it damages your door gasket and leads to an imperfect door seal!

We solved that problem….

By incorporating the sensor into the controller itself.

  • Our controller the easiest one you will ever install. Just drill a 1/2″ hold through your freezer door, remove the red protective cover and press into place.

  • It attaches to your freezer with 3M VHB double sided tape – the same tape used to hold skyscraper windows in place.

  • We use a 6″ long probe to reach into and monitor your kegerator temperature.

  • Our sensor probe is insulated from your freezer door and controller housing for accurate temperature measurement.

  • Best of all – our controller does not have a sensor cable or capillary tube and it can’t damage your door gasket.

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