Party Keg Draft Tap

Party Keg Draft Tap

Our complete party keg tap turns your US standard D coupled beer keg like Miller, Bud or Coors into a free standing party machine! To set up, tap the keg with our T handle keg coupler by first turning the coupler into the keg valve. Then turn the T handle 90 degrees further to open the keg. And then finally adjust your CO2 pressure up until you have free flowing beer with no foam. The stainless steel rod holds the supplied beer faucet lip right at 14″ above your keg.

There’s no pumping and no over pressurizing by well intending guests. Setup is much more consistent than any hand pumped Party Pump and once set up your Keg Tap will deliver beer fuss free until your keg is completely empty. Our Keg Tap works with most domestic beer kegs and pony kegs

You will need a CO2 tank and regulator set to 9 to 14 PSI, or low pressure from a compressor to pressurize your keg. Our Party Keg Draft Tap is available through Amazon or direct from our web site with PayPal with free shipping.

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