RIMS Tubes

Why use a RIMS Tube? To make better beer!!!!

I’m sure if you have been brewing for a while you have come across recipes that include a multi-step mash. Each temperature X time in the mash profile contributes to one or more characters in the beer. There are several ways to handle a step mash including adding hot water to raise the temperature, heating your mash with a “heat stick” and pulling part of your mash out of your mash tun, heating and re-incorporating the mash back into your mash tun. But all of these methods are based on guess work and target temperatures are hard to reach. There is a better way – use a RIMS tube. With a RIMS tube you can make exact predictable mash temperature adjustments and you can be on target every time.


Also you may have also noticed variations in the sweetness and body of your own brew even though you followed the same recipe again and again. These variations in your brewing come from one source – inconsistent mashing. Most homebrewers start out mashing in a bucket or GOTT cooler. Mashing always goes well but temperatures are always a little different or you wonder if you got your hot water incorporated well enough to have a consistent temperature throughout the mash. There is only one solution to inconsistent sweetness and body, also called mouth feel. To make a better beer you have to graduate to external temperature control.


There are two systems that do this well – a RIMS system and a HERMS system. Of the two a RIMS system is less costly plus given the same power input, a RIMS system can react to temperature changes faster than HERMS. There are other differences between the two systems and HERMS has its benefits but I’ll discuss those in another article.


A well designed RIMS system will prevent stratification and keep your mash at the correct temperature through your entire mash cycle. It does not matter if you are a small scale brewer or a hobbyist or if you are mashing grain for beer, whiskey or moonshine, optimal mash temperature is critical for proper mash conversion.

Our new RIMS Tubes feature:

    • Easily replaced flange mount heating element
    • The power cord can be unplugged at the element
    • The heating element can be removed for easy cleaning
    • 100% Stainless Steel construction
    • Integral safety ground
    • 240V Version – 6 foot 10 AWG power cord with a L6-30 twist lock plug
  • 120V Version – 8 foot 14 AWG power cord with a standard 3 blade plug
  • 304 Stainless steel heating element
  • 1/2″ FPT threaded sensor port – opposite from element end
  • Optional 1/4″ thermowell
  • Designed to work with our mash controllers but will work equally well with other manufacturer’s controllers

240V RIMS Tube with thermowell

240V RIMS Tube without thermowell


120V RIMS Tube with thermowell


120V RIMS Tube without thermowell