Temperature Sensors

Our PT-100 Thermal Probe

Most small homebrew controller manufacturers use low cost sensors purchased from China. They can’t tell you how accurate their sensors are because they don’t know. How do we know this? Because we also used to buy our PT-100 sensors from China!

In early 2017 we decided to start manufacturing our own sensors, and since then 100% of our sensors have been manufactured in-house. We start with a commercially manufactured RTD sensor (P/N NB-PTCO-037) rated at 0.15% accuracy (that’s over 6 times more accurate than 1%) then we build up the sensor assembly and mount the assembly in a Stainless Steel 1/2″ MPT threaded thermowell with thermally conductive epoxy. The thermal epoxy creates a thermal bond between the thermowell probe and the sensor, guaranteeing your sensor tracks with your mash temperature.

All three wire RTD (PT-100) sensors have one wire connected to one end of the actual sensor element and two wires connected to the opposite end of the sensor element. Then your controller uses the two wire connection to average out any error your cable may be adding to your temperature measurement. Without this extra loop your sensor cable could easily add one degree F or more to your temperature reading. We make these connections as close to the sensor as possible, in the sensor head itself, while many others make these connections at the sensor end of the cable.

Our  6 foot 3 wire sensor cables use 22 awg (Gauge) flexible copper wire encased in a tough, easy to clean, waterproof PVC jacket. Using 22 awg wire adds only 0.9 degree F to your temperature measurement, but this error is automatically subtracted out of your measurement with our three wire connection. Just going one size smaller – to 24 awg – would add 1.45  degree F to your temperature measurement. Also, because we make the critical sensor connections in the sensor head, all of our cables are extendable without impacting accuracy. Just daisy chain two together for a 12′ cable or three together for a 18′ cable.

So, what does all of this mean to me?

  • Our PT-100 sensors have an accuracy rating of 0.15%. As of this writing, we can-not find anyone else advertising their sensor accuracy!
  • Our 6 foot 3 wire sensor cables are made with 22 awg (Gauge) flexible wire.
  • Our sensor cables are covered in tough, easy to clean, water proof PVC.
  • Our sensor cables can be daisy chained together for longer length.
  • Our sensor cable can be unplugged from either end.
  • Ships with every Temperature Controller we sell.
  • Also, available on Amazon.