Ready to Use 20 Plate Wort Chiller

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Our 20 Plate Wort Chiller with Included Adapters

Similar to Blichmann’s Therminator, our 20 plate wort chiller is made of 304 Stainless Steel plates braised together with 99% copper in an oxygen-free furnace for no potential leaks. The greatest advantage of a smaller 20 plate wort chiller is it’s small enough to drop into a pot of boiling water to sanitize. And to clean, just push water backwards through the wort side of the chiller. We include one solid brass garden hose-in adapter, one solid brass garden hose-out adapter plus a set of 304 stainless steel 1/2″ barb adapters and a set of 304 stainless steel 3/8″ barb adapters. Our 20 plate wort chiller is complete and ready to use out of the box.

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The trick to using any plate style wort chiller is to start your cooling water and then open the drain valve of your brew kettle, adjusting your wort flow until your output temperature is right. Set-up this way and you will cool your wort in a single pass every time.

Although not as pretty as some of the inline condenser’s, our wort chiller also works well as a condenser for any small 10 to 14 gallon still. This is because our 20 plate chiller has more heat exchanging surface area than just about any simple tube in a tube type condenser. Just mount the chiller so that the wort-out port continuously drains. The trick is to adjust your water flow to keep up with the heat load being delivered by the steam from your still.

Now available on Amazon