BIAB Controllers

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Our BIAB Controllers

Our BIAB (Brew In A Bag) controllers can run far more than just a BIAB system. Combining the functions of our boil controller and mash controller, these controllers are the next step up from both. We call this one a BIAB controller because it’s designed to run mash or boil through just one L6-30 outlet but you can just as easily run a mash tun and then run your boil pot from our BIAB controller by switching what’s plugged into the outlet.

To operate, twist the red master shut-off button clockwise until it pops out a little. Chose mash or boil with the Mash/Boil switch and then each function is identical to our mash and boil controllers. Our BIAB controllers support a separate 110V switch controlled pump circuit and a temperature settable alarm. The pump operates independent of the temperature controller and boil controller. This lets you circulate your wort even when your heater is not on. To turn off, press the red master shut-off button in until it clicks. And in the case of an emergency, pressing the red button or hitting it with the palm of your hand will shut down your controller and disconnect all line power from your heating element and pump.

Our 220V BIAB controllers ship standard with a long 12 Ft. 10 Gauge power cords and your choice of a 3 prong dryer plug, a 4 prong dryer plug, a L6-30 twist lock power plug or a L14-30 twist lock power plug. Power out from our 220V boil controller to your heating element is through a L6-30 twist lock outlet and power out to your 110V pump is through a standard house type outlet. These controllers are rated for a range of heating elements from 1000 Watts to 6000 Watts and most customers use them to power 5500 Watt water heater style elements.

List Price: $449.99

BIAB Controller