Commercial Controllers

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Although these controllers use the exact same proven technology as our original original brewery controllers, our commercial level controllers are a step above our original homebrew brewery controllers. Our commercial controllers start with powder painted steel NEMA housings then we do all of the design, modifications, assembly and testing in house. Plus our commercial controllers are designed for easy service. All of the major components mounted on the back panel are easily replaced without taking out the entire panel. These controllers are mostly used by small microbreweries with up to 4 barrel systems.

Even though these systems are sold as commercial units, there is nothing preventing homebrewers from buying one. Our commercial controllers are intended to be mounted on a wall or stand and then permanently wired to power, and we do not provide a power cord or inlet power plug. You will need to add your own power cord and plug if you plan to plug your controller into a 30 Amp dryer outlet or 50 Amp welder outlet. All of our element power outlets are still standard L6-30 twist lock.

Why use electric when natural gas is cheaper?

Natural gas is definitely the way to go with any larger brewery but small startups quickly discover that unless natural gas was already installed for a large kitchen, the cost to upgrade your system to support a small brewery can be very high. At that point, a fully electric brewery can become very cost effective. Also electric systems can be set up faster because most buildings already have sufficient electric services to support a small electric brewery.