50 Amp Boil / Still Controller

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50 Amp Boil / Still Controller

A single 5500 Watt heating element is more than sufficient for boiling up to a 10 gallon batch of wurt. But to go beyond 10 gallons or set up a larger pot still, and you will need two 5500 Watt elements in parallel which will draw right at 46 Amps. To get there you will need a 50 Amp boil controller. Many will buy a 50 Amp Home Brewery Controller from a company like The Electric Brewery or one of the other full 50 Amp controller builders.

But we have a better, less costly idea!

Why spend $2700 or more to upgrade your brew panel when you can spend far less to upgrade just your boil controller? You only need the full 50 Amps for your boil or still while your mash and HLT will happily keep up with your brewery at 30 Amps. You will still need a 50 Amp outlet but you would install anyways for one of the full 50 Amp home brewery panels.

I’ll even share a tip with you we learned a long time ago

A dedicated 120V electric 19 gallon hot water heater makes a great HLT for less than $400! Just crank the temperature setting up.
If you are into larger batches then install a larger dedicated 240V hot water heater.
Most water heaters can be set to 145F or higher, then you can boost the hot water the rest of the way up with a stove top or portable electric eye.
As a bonus you can use the same electric water heater to preheat your mash water for dough-in. Just turn the water heater on ahead of time and the hot water will be waiting for the start of your brew day.

Want to do back to back batches? Then our solution is even better. Install one of our 240V mash and one of our 50 Amp boil controllers, and still spend less money than you would spend on one of the full 50 Amp home brewery panels.

Our 50 Amp Boil / Still Controllers Feature

  • Built in a Industrial Rated UL Listed Control Panel Enclosure.
  • Has a HUGE 5-1/2″ X 8″ side mounted heat sink – rated for continuous duty.
  • Has two L6-30 twist lock outlets to support two 5500 Watt water heater style or other heating elements..
  • Has separate SSR and full Contactor for each heating element.
  • The red panic button also serves as the main on/off switch.
  • It’s a 3 wire system – L1, L2 and Ground only – no neutral needed to save wiring cost.
  • It’s GFCI compliant – production tested behind a GFCI circuit.
  • This controller can be direct wired with conduit, Romex or UF wire. Also supports 8 Gauge SOOW Extension cord wire.
  • We use PWM to control your rate of boil.
  • And this controller has indicator lights to show main power on/off and PWM control on/off.

Available on Amazon for $429.99

Or available direct from this site for $399.99.