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Domestic Power Requirements

All of our domestic controllers are compatible with modern USA and Canadian wiring.


Except where noted all of our 120V and 240V controllers are GFCI compatible and should be run on a GFCI protected circuit for your safety. The only exceptions are 240V controllers built with a 3 wire plug and that switch a 120V pump. This would include any Mash, BIAB or HERMS controller ordered with a 3 wire plug. Our 240V boil controllers are GFCI compatible regardless of the plug configuration because they do not have any 120V components that require a neutral wire.

120V Controllers

All of our 120V controllers are designed to plug into a 15 Amp or 20 Amp “conventional” house style outlet. Most modern kitchens have 20 Amp rated circuits but older kitchens in houses built before the mid 1970’s that have not been upgraded will only have 15 Amp kitchen circuits. The easiest way to tell if you can run one of our 120V controllers is to look inside your breaker box. If all of your breakers are marked 15 then a separate 20 Amp circuit will need to be installed by a qualified electrician before you can run one of our 120V controllers rated for over 15 Amps.

Most modern houses have two separate 20 Amp circuits in the kitchen, one on one side of the kitchen and one on the other side. And operating something else that’s plugged into the same circuit as your 120V controller like a toaster oven, coffee maker, etc.. will trip that circuit’s breaker. Having these appliances plugged in and not operating will not cause a problem. Your kitchen stove and refrigerator should be on their own separate circuits.

240V Controllers

All of our 240V controllers are rated for 30 Amps and are designed to plug into your dryer outlet. And many customers do this until they can have a separate circuit installed for their home brewery by a qualified electrician. If you plan on plugging your controller into your dryer outlet, you should verify that your dryer has a 3 or 4 prong before ordering.

International Power Requirements

As of 1/3/2020 – We are in the process of releasing an international version of our BIAB and HERMS controllers. These controllers will be compatible with 50 / 60 Hz, 210V to/ 240V power and will be capable of handling up to 20 Amps loads. The heater and pump controls will all be wired at mains voltage.