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All of our controllers are all manufactured the same way. We start with an aluminum housing manufactured to our specifications, build sub-assemblies ahead of time, build the bottom half then the top half and then assemble the two into one final controller before going to test, where we test every aspect of the controller and calibrate the sensors before shipping. Here are a few pictures from one of our HERMS controllers.

HERMS Controller Aluminum Housing

All of our controllers start with a aluminum housing we have manufactured for us. Our HERMS controllers start with the housing shown below, with all of the holes and openings properly located for the controller.

HERMS Controller Housing

Heat Sink Assembly

In another area we manufacture heat sink assemblies. We start with a extruded aluminum heat sink cut to the right length. Then we locate and drill mounting holes and then we mount a 40 Amp rated SSR (Solid State Relay) to the heat sink. In between the SSR and heat sink is a CRYDOM HSP-2 Thermal Pad that conducts excess heat generated by the SSR the heat sink. Then radiant cooling and convection (airflow) cooling pull the heat off the heat sink and away from your controller.

All of our heat sink assemblies are mounted to the sides of our controllers where we benefit from convection and radiant cooling. Top mounted heat sinks only benefit from radiant and about 1/4 the convection cooling compared to the same size side mounted heat sink.

Heat Sink Assembly

Bottom Housing Assembly

We assemble the bottom housing separate from the top housing. Our heat sink assembly mounts through the left side of the housing, keeping all of the excess heat generated by the SSR on the outside. A commercial contactor (power relay) is mounted on PEM fasteners installed when the housing was manufactured and another relay assembly is mounted on another set of PEM fasteners that will route power later. All internal current carrying wire is 10 Gauge.

Bottom Housing Assembly

Top Housing Assembly

Then we complete the top housing assembly. Included in the top housing are a PID controller, alarm circuit, a PWM controller we manufacture in house, switches, plugs, wiring. and the red power / panic switch. All wiring is color coded so we understand what plugs into where during final assembly.

HERMS Housing Outside View
HERMS Housing Inside View

Final Assembly

In final assembly we integrate the top and bottom housings together and add the power cord and power plugs.

Final Product – One Complete HERMS Controller