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12/01/22 Update – Big Changes.

For years we tried to ship direct and sell through Amazon program, and for years we’ve done OK. But we’ve never done well doing this. Orders would come in though this WEB site and orders would come in from Amazon. And when both came in, orders through this site were delayed – sometimes for more than a month. The end result was pissed off and angry customers. But I can’t blame you – you just want your stuff!

So, in October I started shipping controllers direct to Amazon’s FBA program and most of our controllers are now available directly from Amazon. With FBA you can receive your controller directly from Amazon in as little as one or two days. I’ll continue to support sales through this site until I have enough inventory at Amazon to cover sales, but ultimately everything except for commercial controllers will only be sold through Amazon FBA.

Commercial controllers sales will continue through this site because most of of our commercial controllers take one to four months to design, build and test depending on your unique needs. Amazon does not understand this timeline and I don’t think they ever will.

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Thanks, Tom Hargrave