Current Shipments

If you plan to order a controller or stir plate from us soon

4/28/21 Update – We are finally normal again.

But this does not mean that controllers bought through Brew-Control will always ship on time! The reason is we are also an Amazon seller and orders coming through Amazon always take first place. The reason is any delay with Amazon shipments cost us a lot. Amazon does not care about any other shipments, including direct shipments from us.

9/10/20 Update – We are finally close to normal with just a couple of older controller orders left to ship.

THANKS – A LOT – for those who were understanding and who waited for their controllers and stir plates. And yes I know that a few of your orders shipped months out, and I know that some of those ship dates were very unreasonable. But everything shipped as soon as possible and refunds were processed as soon as cash was available. One thing that was reconfirmed through all of this mess is online sales is tough but if you hang in there you can survive!

5/8/20 Update – We are finally seeing Amazon orders starting to return to normal. As of Thursday, many orders that should have been shipping from Amazon are actually shipping from Amazon and not from us. As a result we should start catching up with controller and stir plate orders! My best guess is we will back on track by the end of May.

Because of COVID-19, we are running 1 to 1-1/2 months late on controllers and stir plates ordered through We are staging and shipping about 40 orders a day that Amazon FBA would normally ship for us and this is burning up a lot of our time. We are a small business and because of these extra shipments we can only produce about 1/4 the controllers and stir plated we could normally produce.

Sure, we would ship this material to AMAZON anyways but there is a huge difference in time between bulk shipping to AMAZON and shipping individual orders to customers. I’m sure this will be corrected when AMAZON FBA shipping has returned to normal but when, I don’t know. And I’m not complaining about Amazon. I believe that Amazon is doing the right thing for the country.

Orders placed through this web site have always shipped one to two weeks out because Amazon has to come first or they ding us pretty hard. We are still filling orders in the order they come in, just later than usual.

Thanks Tom Hargrave