HERMS Controllers

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Electric HERMS (Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System) Controllers

Our HERMS controllers are designed to take you the next step beyond a controlled mash without breaking the bank. With an electric HERMS controller you control your mash, then use the water in the HERMS tank as your sparge water and then finally run your boil all with one controller.

Our HERMS controllers feature:

A compact all aluminum housing with 4 mounting holes and large heat sink to dissipate excess heat. We never, ever use unsafe plastic housings for our brewery controller products.
A twist right to turn on / press to turn off main power button that also serves as an emergency off switch.
Boil is managed with our in-house designed PWM controller – the graduated knob on the top panel.
Temperature is managed by an off-the-shelf PID controller. We could design our own controller but sometimes it’s just smarter to let the experts manufacture and deliver what they do best!
Ships complete with a in-house designed PT-100 temperature sensor. Our temperature sensors are built into their own water proof thermowells with 1/2″ MPT type threads and nylon lock nuts. We include a 6 foot flexible sensor cable that can be easily disconnected and reconnected at either end.
Simple to use BOIL / MASH switch changes modes during your brew cycle.
Features a 10 Gauge SJOOW 12 foot power cord with a 4 prong dryer style power plug.
Also feature two 30 Amp L6-30r twist lock receptacles designed for a L6-30p twist lock plugs used by most 240V home brew mash tuns and RIMS tubes. One for your HERMS tank and one for your boil pot.
Two 120V pump control circuits with separate on/off switches and pump outlets. The pumps are switched separately. You can use other pumps but we recommend MARCH pumps for our controllers.
A programmable alarm with it’s own on/off switch. The alarm is about as loud as a smoke alarm alerter and it makes about the same sound.
All of our controllers are tested with GFCI and are GFCI compatible.
The safety ground wire that runs from the outlet all the way to the plug is also bonded to the aluminum housing for safety.
All of our controllers are 100% manufactured in the USA with a mix of US, Chinese and Canadian components.

Specifications and Installation Recommendations:

Our standard 220/240V HERMS tube controllers are built with 4 prong dryer type plugs. Like all of our other controllers, these are 100% tested behind GFCI breakers and to be 100% GFCI compliant our 220/240V controllers must be 4  wire. We highly recommend running a dedicated GFCI protected 30 Amp 4 wire circuit for your brew area. NEC Code in most areas will require you to run 4 wires to a sub panel and one of the best choices on the market is a SPA panel. This controller will easily handle up to a 7000 watt heater after factoring in power for a circulation pump, but 4500 to 5500 watt water heater elements are more common with homebrewers.

Because only one element can be switched on at one time, this controller will draw no more current than the highest rated element in the system, and a 5500 watt water heater element will draw 23 Amps