Electric Brewery Safety

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We use only metal housings for our controllers. We could save $10 to $30 per controller by switching to plastic housings. But we want to make sure if the unthinkable happens, that if your controller were to fail, all of the energy is safely contained inside your controller housing. We can’t make that guarantee with a plastic housing and neither can anyone else with a plastic housing. Under the wrong conditions a home brewery controller in plastic housing could melt down, catch on fire and burn your house down!

All of our controllers have been tested behind GFCI and are GFCI compliant. We highly recommend that you run your controller on a GFCI protected circuit. But even with GFCI you are mashing with live power and it takes very little current to kill.

Weather you buy a controller from us, buy one from someone else or design and build your own you should always follow these basic safety rules.

  1. Never brew standing in water or in the rain.

  2. Never plug in or unplug your heater or pump with the power on.

  3. Never brew with a known electrical problem.

  4. Never touch any nearby metal object when touching your brew equipment.

  5. Never leave your brewery on & unattended.

  6. STOP and investigate if you smell something “electrical”, or feel a shock from your equipment.