HERMS Controllers

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Our HERMS and HERMS II Controllers

Our HERMS (Heat Exchange Re-circulating Mash System) controllers with two separate pump controls were designed to run a full HERMS system. But many use this system to run a full non-HERMS brewery. Adding to our BIAB controller, our HERMS controller features the same mash and boil controllers but each exits the controller though its own dedicated outlet so that your mash tun or HERMS tank and boil pot can stay plugged into their own outlets all the time.

To operate, twist the red master shut-off button clockwise until it pops out a little. Chose mash or boil with the Mash/Boil switch and then each function is identical to our mash and boil controllers. Our HERMS controllers support two separate 110V switch controlled pump circuits, one for circulation and one for transfer, and a temperature settable alarm. Both pumps operate independent of the temperature controller and boil controller. This lets you circulate your wort even when your heater is not on and then use the second pump to transfer your wort to your boil pot. To turn off, press the red master shut-off button in until it clicks. And in the case of an emergency, pressing the red button or hitting it with the palm of your hand will shut down your controller and disconnect all line power from your heating elements and pump.

Our 220V HERMS controllers ship standard with a long 12 Ft. 10 Gauge power cords and your choice of a 3 prong dryer plug, a 4 prong dryer plug, a L6-30 twist lock power plug or a L14-30 twist lock power plug. Power out from our 220V boil controller to your heating elements is through two L6-30 twist lock outlets. Power out to your two pumps is through two standard house type outlets. These controllers are rated for a range of heating elements from 1000 Watts to 6000 Watts and most customers use them to power 5500 Watt water heater style elements.

Our 220V HERMS II controllers are exactly the same as our standard HERMS controllers except the HERMS II has an additional HERMS II temperature display permanently mounted on top. The temperature display is in it’s own metal housing and has it’s own stainless steel thermowell PT-1000 sensor with a 9 ft. cable. It’s always on when the controller is turned on.

Most HERMS II owners use their integrated thermometer to:

  • Watch sparge water temperature during mash
  • Watch boil pot temperature
  • Watch mash tun ½ way down temp during mash
  • Monitor RIMS Tube input temperature

HERMS List Price: $549.99
HERMS II List Price: $649.99

HERMS Controller

Our HERMS II controller is not available on Amazon at this time. Scheduling time and extra machining to add the second temperature display to our HERMS controller pushes out ship dates past a week for this item and Amazon expects all order to ship now. These are available directly from us at a discounted price and we will quote you a estimated ship date after you place your order.