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I know, this has nothing to do with brewing or breweries but IDrive is an excellent program so I went ahead and got into their referral program. Maybe I’ll make a few dollars from them, maybe I won’t.

Most people never back up their laptops, smart phones or desktops, then one day their system crashes and they lose everything – important family photos, documents, important downloads.

IDrive is a cloud backup program that you set and forget and it’s a program I’ve used for years because it works! In most cases all you have to do is register with their web site, install the program and then setup is easy. In most cases you just point to your MyDocuments folder.

The program copies your important data to the cloud where it’s protected by your email and a strong password you chose. Then IDrive keeps in sync with your changes so that it always has a current copy of your most important data. And then when your system does crash you use your email and strong password to put everything back on your repaired or replacement machine.

Cost is low, less than $5.00 per month will cover everything in most users MyDocuments folder. I get a small commission from each sale, but anyone who knows me knows I wouldn’t sell something I didn’t believe in.

Here’s my referral link to IDrive: