L6-30 Twist Lock Plugs and Outlets

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Homebrew controllers have pretty much standardized on this plug and socket for 220V heating element wiring. The reason is obvious, the plugs are rated at 30 Amps at 220 / 240 Volts. And we also use them in our controllers. A while ago I decided to start buying the L6-30 outlets we use in bulk, and I decided to pass part of my savings on to Amazon customers.

L6-30 Twist Lock Outlets

Single Outlet 2 Pack 4 Pack

L6-30 Twist Lock Plugs

Single Plug 2 Pack 4 Pack

L6-30 Twist Lock Plug and Outlet Sets

If you need a L6-30 Twist Lock plug set, we have them for sale on Amazon Prime. This plus some 10 Gauge SJOOW or 10 Gauge SJEOW extension cord wire are all you need to make your own 3 wire generator extension cord or 30 Amp power cord for your home brewery or electric still.

And I’ll share a tip with you. Lowes sells yellow 10 Gauge SJEOW extension cords that are pre-wired for 110V for as little as $1.49 a foot for a 100 foot extension cord. Their 10 Gauge SJOOW wire by the foot is almost a dollar more a foot! And even though the plugs are 110V straight blade, the SJEOW wire is still rated for 300 VAC. To use their 10 Gauge SJEOW extension cord wire for your generator cord or home brewery / electric still wiring, just cut off the 110V plug ends and attach these L6-20 plug ends! Other lengths are close to the same price per foot, so if you don’t need 100 feet, you start with a 50 foot or 25 foot extension cord.

Plug and Outlet Set