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4/28/2019 – Review on Homebrew Finds

Reviewed – Our RIMS Tube / Mash Tun Controller

Homebrew Finds just posted a hands-on review of one of our products. These reviews are always unrequested (by us) and unscripted. The reviewers review and then post their honest opinion of the product.

While you are on Homebrew Finds site, you should click their ‘Connect With Us’ link and then sign-up! They will deliver new finds to your in-box every day, many on Amazon but many also on individual sales sites, and many you would never know of otherwise!

Our Brew-Control review can be found at:

Brad of Beer Snobby did the review, and he also hosts a neat web site with lots of beer reviews. Want to try a new beer but don’t want to take a chance? Brad probably has written a review on that beer. Check them out at: