Temperature Sensors

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Our PT-100 Thermal Probe
Our PT-100 Sensor ships with a 1/2″ MPT lock nut and 2 silicone O-Rings.
The 3 wire cable can be disconnected from the back of the sensor.
3 pin DIN connector. One side of sensor is wired to Pin 2, the other side is wired to pins 1 & 3.
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Sensor Details

Most small homebrew controller manufacturers use low cost sensors purchased from China. For years we bashed sensors from China, and we even built our own sensors because we could not find sensors from China that met our standards. There is nothing wrong with buying from China as long as you understand what you are buying. The smart phone you are probably reading this on was likely made in China. We finally found a manufacturer who builds a quality product and these Chinese sensors are what we ship with every temperature controller we sell today.

All three wire RTD (PT-100) sensors have one wire connected to one end of the actual sensor element and two wires connected to the opposite end of the sensor element. Then your controller uses the two wire connection to average out any error your cable may be adding to your temperature measurement. Without this extra loop your sensor cable could easily add one degree F or more to your temperature reading. We make these connections as close to the sensor as possible, in the sensor head itself, while many others make these connections at the sensor end of the cable. Our latest sensor ships with a standard 9 ft. cable.

So, what does all of this mean to me?

  • Our PT-100 sensors have an accuracy rating of 0.15%. As of this writing, we can-not find anyone else advertising their sensor accuracy!
  • Our 9 foot 3 wire sensor cables are made with 24 awg (Gauge) flexible wire.
  • Our sensor cables are covered in tough stainless steel weave.
  • We can supply a 3 wire extension cable for longer length.
  • Our sensor cable can be unplugged from either end.
  • Ships with every new Temperature Controller we sell.
  • Will work as a replacement for any of our controllers that originally shipped with a 1/2″ thread probe.
  • Compatible with Blichmann’s RIMS Rocket but you must use a 1/2″ SS tee and nipple in place of Blichmann’s RIMS Rocket adapter.
  • Also, available on Amazon.

Although commercially available PT-100 sensors are rated at a much higher temperature range of -200C to +850C, our PT-100 sensors are designed and manufactured for brewing beer and are only rated for typical temperatures experienced during mashing and boil.