Our controllers are the best value for your money!

We are homebrewers ourselves.
We have well over 10 years of controller design experience.
Our controllers are always constructed with fireproof all metal housings.
We built with only UL marked and certified electrical components.
Our controllers are 100% GFCI / GFI tested for safety.

Our Brew Boil Pot / Still Controllers

  • 110V or 220V models available
  • GFCI Compatible – tested behind GFCI
  • Includes a large RED emergency stop button
  • Table top or wall mountable
  • PWM boil controller
  • Continuous duty rating
  • Variable boil setting

  • 220V controllers
    Includes a heavy duty 12 ft. 10 Gauge power cord
    Various power plug options available
    Power out through a standard L6-30 twist lock outlet
    Compatible with 220V Blickmann brew equipment
    Rated for 1000 to 6000 Watts

  • 110V controllers
    Includes a heavy duty power cord
    Standard house style power plug
    Power out through a standard house style or L5-20 twist lock outlet
    L5-20 version compatible with 110V Blickmann brew equipment
    Rated for 300 to 2000 Watts

Boil / Still Controller List Prices

VersionPriceAmazon Link
120V with Standard Outlet$155.99https://amzn.to/4aI6DP3
120V with L5-20 Outlet$194.99https://amzn.to/3V644RZ
240V with 3 prong dryer plug$299.99https://amzn.to/3wL1HuD
240V with 4 prong dryer plug$299.99https://amzn.to/3WKoeCj
240V with 3 prong twist lock plug$299.99https://amzn.to/3WRxswH
240V with 4 prong twist lock plug$299.99https://amzn.to/3QSDtFP