Custom Controllers

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We just built and tested the custom boil / still controller shown above. This is one of our standard boil controllers with a 4 ft. heating element cord in place of the regular L6-30 outlet that hangs from the bottom of our standard 220V controllers. The long element cord eliminates the need for an extra and expensive 10 Gauge extension cord between your controller and heating element. In addition, the customer wanted us to add a switched 110V outlet. You can see the switch to the right of the On/Off button that doubles as an Emergency stop.

Here are the details of this custom order:
Started with our standard 220V Boil Pot / Still Controller
1 Added 4 Ft. to the heating element cord
2 Added a standard outlet to the bottom next to where the outlet cord exits
3 And add a 10 Amp rated On/Off switch to control the outlet separate from the heating element
4 Upgraded the main 12 Ft power cord from 3 wire to 4 wire to support both 110V and 220V
5 Terminated the power cord with a 4 prong Dryer style power plug
The last two steps were done to keep the controller compatible with GFCI breakers

Custom controllers don’t cost much more than our standard controllers because they are based on our standard controllers, and they typically ship within two weeks.

Any custom order starts with a conversation, so please contact us at with your ideas or wishes.

Thanks, Tom Hargrave