Beer Tower Coolers

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Kegerator beer tower cooler
Beer Tower Cooler

A Beer Tower Cooler is a simple device that helps solve a complex problem – BEER FOAM.

If the first beer out of your tap is foamy but the next beer starts to clear up then your beer faucet and the beer shank inside of your beer tower are warming up between pours. Your first beer instantly turns into beer foam as soon as you try to pour it through your warm beer faucet. A Beer Tower Cooler’s job is to help prevent pouring beer glasses full of beer foam by continuously blowing a small amount of cold air into your beer tower to keep your beer faucet and beer shank cold. And our Beer Tower Coolers work very well. They should, we’ve been manufacturing Beer Tower Coolers for more than 16 years.

Our beer tower cooler is a low powered fan that hangs down inside your kegerator with an attached hose that’s stuffed inside your beer tower. It works by continuously blowing a small amount of air from inside your kegerator up into your beer tower, keeping your beer shank and faucet cold. The warm air just pushes down into your kegerator where it’s cooled and recirculated.

Here’s a top view of a 2 tap beer tower with the top off, showing one of our beer tower coolers installed. You can see the top of the hose sitting near the two beer shanks, where the cold air will keep the beer shanks and beer faucets cool.

Top of beer tower cooler hose

But why buy one? Because if you have a beer foam problem you are wasting beer. You are wasting so much that one of our beer tower coolers will pay for itself by the second full keg after installing the cooler.

A side benefit is the continuous cold keeps faucet mold and bacteria growth inside your beer faucet at an absolute minimum. Our basic beer tower cooler ships with the cooler, power supply and zip tie. To install you shove the end of the hose up into the center of your beer tower and hold it here by zip tying it to your existing beer lines. The power supply cord is very thin and can run past your door gasket. The only thing to watch for is make sure the fan end isn’t touching anything inside your kegerator. If it does, you will hear it buzzing outside of your kegerator. Our beer tower cooler is designed to be left on all the time and it uses less power than an old style 15 Watt night light.

Tower Cooler Variants

We manufacture two versions of our Beer Tower Cooler, our standard model and our high flow model. Neither model blows a lot of air but you don’t need much because it’s designed to stay on all the time. The high flow version blows a little more air into your beer tower at the expense of a little noise, but you shouldn’t hear yours running with your kegerator door closed if you install it correctly. We also offer versions packaged with a set of Beer Faucet Plugs and versions packaged with beer faucet brushes.

Our Beer Tower Coolers

Beer Tower Cooler With Faucet Protectors

Our High Flow Beer Tower Coolers

Beer Tower Cooler With Faucet Protectors