100 Amp Boil / Still Controller

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100 Amp Boil Pot / Still Control Panel
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List price is $1390 broken in two payment, an initial $695 to secure your order and a final $695 paid before shipment. We will send a second PayPal invoice when your controller is ready to ship. Our 100 Amp Boil controllers are built to order and your controller will ship 3 and 6 weeks after your order is received.

We also offer a 10% prepay discount – prepay $1251 up front and we will ship your controller as soon as its complete.

All prices include domestic shipping

Our 240V 100 Amp Boil / Still Controller Features

  • Built in a Industrial Rated UL Listed Control Panel Enclosure.
  • The right size for up to 4 Barrels or 124 Gallons (US).
  • A HUGE 5-1/2″ X 8″ side mounted heat sink with a temperature controlled cooling fan.
  • Four L6-30 twist lock outlets to support four – up to – 6000 Watt water heater style or other heating elements.
    Note: This controller also supports 5500 Watt and smaller elements.
  • A separate SSR and full Contactor (relay) for each heating element.
  • A separate power switch and status light for each element.
  • A master red panic button that also serves as the main on/off switch.
  • A main power status light
  • A 3 wire system – L1, L2 and Ground only – no neutral, this is a full 240V system.
  • Designed to be direct wired with conduit, Romex or UF wire.
  • Uses PWM to control your rate of boil.
  • Includes a integral digital thermometer with sensor mounted in a 1/2″ MPT thermowell and 9 ft nylon covered sensor cable to monitor your boil pot temperature.

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