HERMS II Controller

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HERMS II Controller

Our HERMS II controller is the next evolution of our popular HERMS controller. For several years customers asked ‘Why can’t I monitor my boil pot temperature with the PID I’m using to control mash?” And my answer was always something along the line of “Why do you want to, when boiling is always at 212F?’

Well, like any other great design idea, this addition came from a discussion with one of you! I mentioned in a conversation that I was working on a separate wall mounted thermometer that could measure anything, like your boil temperature. And when one of you showed real interest in the idea I got busy, and the more I got into this the more I believed it should be part of one of our controllers. Problem was, our controllers are really compact and there is no place to mount an additional digital display.

Then came the ‘ah-ha’ moment! Why not mount it on top in its own aluminum sub-housing? I sampled in 6 different Fahrenheit scale digital thermometers and only one met all of my requirements. That one reached well past 212F and includes a programmable alarm. Most of the others would not go past boiling and one was actually in C even thought it was sold as a Fahrenheit scale thermometer, and none of the others had a programmable alarm. Then I found the right cast aluminum housing to mount the digital thermostat in, we developed the fixtures to manufacture everything.

Also once I started the design I realized I needed to differentiate the PID and thermometer plugs because they use different sensors, so we went with a 4 prong plug for the new thermometer. I soon realized that we could support two switchable inputs with the new digital thermometer, so, why not? And so, the HERMS II controller was born! The end result is a controller that can measure three temperatures – two at a time during mash and one during boil. You can use the digital thermometer to monitor the input to your RIMS Tube during mash or monitor your sparge water to know if it’s close enough towards the end of your mash. Then with a flip of a switch you can monitor your boil pot as it’s coming up to temperature.

These sensors can be used to:

  1. Monitor your boil pot temperature
  2. Add an additional sensor to your MASH Tun
  3. Monitor your RIMS Tube inlet temperature as well as your outler temperature
  4. Monitor your HLT / Sparge water temperature
HERMS II Controller with all 3 Sensors
HERMS II Sensor Plugs
HERMS II Controller during Test

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